Jones Software Solutions

Welcome to my freelance software engineering playground!
As a seasoned professional, I specialize in crafting cutting-edge digital solutions tailored to your unique needs. From dynamic web applications to optimized processes, I bring your ideas to life with transparency and expertise.
Let's collaborate and transform your vision into a digital reality. Explore the possibilities with a dedicated freelance software engineer committed to your success

Tools and tech I use to build software

AWS logo AWS
Azure logo Azure
C-sharp logo C-sharp
Cloudflare logo Cloudflare
Debian logo Debian
Docker logo Docker
Express logo Express
Golang logo Golang
Grafana logo Grafana
Kubernetes logo Kubernetes
Less logo Less
Nginx logo Nginx
OpenAI logo OpenAI
Pocketbase logo Pocketbase
Postgresql logo Postgresql
Shopify logo Shopify
angular logo angular
caddy logo caddy
css3 logo css3
dotnet logo dotnet
git logo git
github logo github
gitlab logo gitlab
google logo google
html5 logo html5
java logo java
javascript logo javascript
linux logo linux
mongodb logo mongodb
mysql logo mysql
nodejs logo nodejs
npm logo npm
photoshop logo photoshop
php logo php
redis logo redis
sass logo sass
ssh logo ssh
stripe logo stripe
svelte logo svelte
typescript logo typescript
ubuntu logo ubuntu
vuejs logo vuejs
yarn logo yarn